Giving to Program in Human Sexuality

Thank you to everyone who has supported the work of the Program in Human Sexuality. We appreciate being included in your personal philanthropy!

Our vision is to revolutionize the sexual climate by eliminating barriers and advancing healthy sexuality. There are many opportunities to be a part of the innovative work of PHS—we are seeking partners to help us move sexual health forward. If you have a passion to improve the human condition as it relates to sexuality, we want to know about it. Together we will bring about the change we seek.

We are committed to raise $10 million to grow our avenues for interdisciplinary research and education, improve clinical care, support faculty, and create a synergy of activities which will make a lasting impact on generations to come. We strive to build PHS into a more comprehensive, higher capacity, and internationally renowned program focused on improving the sexual health of individuals and communities.

As envisioned, we will become a fertile home for advancing sexual health in the United States in innovative, science-based, and sex-positive ways. Our faculty and staff work with community partners to address a wide spectrum of issues related to our citizens’ sexual well-being: reproduction, identity, gender equity, sexual pleasure, disease and violence prevention, and social stigma.

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Chair in Sexual Health

In 2007 the nation’s first endowed Chair in Sexual Health was established at PHS. The Chair is recognition of the longstanding role that PHS has maintained as a leader and innovator in the academic world of sexual science, in sexual health education, and in the treatment of sexual problems. The permanent endowment ensures that the advancement of sexual health and support for PHS will remain a priority at the University of Minnesota in perpetuity. The purpose of the Chair in Sexual Health is to help attract and retain an outstanding director of PHS by providing the director with a permanent source of support for expenses related to the infrastructure of PHS. Income from the fund is used to provide the resources necessary to ensure the Program’s stability and continued status as a national and international leader in research, teaching and training, clinical services, and public policy initiatives.

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Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education

Comprehensive sexual health education is the right of every citizen and is fundamental to attaining the highest level of human development. This fund will honor the former US Surgeon General who dared to speak the truth about sexual health. It will embody her commitment to the highest quality comprehensive sexual health education based upon the best available science. The endowment will support the design, evaluation, and dissemination of essential sexual health curriculum for individuals, training for allied health care providers and education professionals.

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Sexuality and Aging Research

This fund provides resources for faculty in the Program in Human Sexuality to conduct research on sexuality and aging.

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Program in Human Sexuality Faculty Support and Appreciation

This fund provides “seed” grants to support PHS faculty and their projects in research, education, and clinical service.

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Program in Human Sexuality General Fund

This fund provides unrestricted support to the program where it is needed most.

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