Leonardo Candelario Pérez, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow, Program in Human Sexuality (PHS)

Leonardo Candelario Pérez

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Postdoctoral fellow, Program in Human Sexuality (PHS)

Human Sexuality Fellowship, University of Minnesota

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Albizu University


Leonardo Candelario-Perez PhD is a, licensed clinical psychologist, sexual health consultant and provider under Urology and Gynecology, as well as gender specialist for Health Partners and Co-Educational Consultant for the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health. Dr. Candelario-Perez completed their doctoral degree at Albizu University in their home country of Puerto Rico, and completed a clinical postdoctoral program in 2018 at the Program in Human Sexuality, UMN. Currently, Dr. Candelario-Perez is working on developing an integrative sexual health practice within the Health Partners’ health care system. Their clinical areas of work are in sexual dysfunction, sexual pleasure, sexual and gender identity , LGBTQI+ sexual health, STI’s and sexuality, desire discrepancy, intersections of identity, problematic sexual behaviors and mental health and sexuality. As co-education consultant for the NCGSH, Dr. Candelario-Perez is involved in the development of training and educational materials for providers across the health fields. Said material is based and promotes the use of the Gender Affirmative Life Span Approach (GALA).

Pronouns: he/him and they/them


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Rider, G. N., Vencill, J. A., Berg, D. R., Becker-Warner, R., Candelario-Perez, L., & Spencer, K. G. (in press). The Gender Affirmative Lifespan Approach (GALA™): A model for competent clinical care with genderqueer and nonbinary clients. [Special Issue]. International Journal of Transgenderism, accepted for publication June 1, 1018.