Nic Rider, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Nic Rider

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Office Phone 612-625-1500

Office Address:
West Bank Office Building
1300 S 2nd St, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Coordinator of the Adult Transgender Health Services Program, Program in Human Sexuality (PHS)

Randi and Fred Ettner Fellowship in Transgender Health, University of Minnesota

PhD, Counseling Psychology, Howard University in Washington, D.C.


Nic Rider, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor and coordinator of the Adult Transgender Health Services Program. They were the first Randi and Fred Ettner Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Health (ISGH), with research and clinical work focused on transgender health. Dr. Rider’s clinical training has included psychotherapy and assessment experiences in a university counseling center, hospital settings, private practice, community clinic, residential treatment, and juvenile justice settings. Dr. Rider has professional interests in the areas of gender and sexual identity development, intersections of identity, discrimination and microaggressions, sexual trauma/abuse recovery, and social justice advocacy. Dr. Rider is on the executive board for the Asian American Psychological Association’s Division on LGBTQQ Issues and participates in committees advocating for sexual and gender minorities. Dr. Rider received a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs.

Awards & Recognition

UMN Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award, 2018



Ten most recent publications listed.

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