Itor Finotelli, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Human Sexuality (PHS)

Itor Finotelli

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Minneapolis, MN 5554

Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Human Sexuality (PHS)

Doug Braun Harvey Fellowship in Compulsive Sexual Behavior, University of Minnesota

PhD, Psychology, Sao Francisco University (Brazil), 2011

MSc, Psychology, Sao Francisco University (Brazil), 2009

Specialist, Gender and Sexuality, State University of Rio de Janeiro


Itor Finotelli Junior, PhD is the current Doug Braun Harvey Postdoctoral Fellow in Compulsive Sexual Behavior. In 2004, Dr. Finotelli started his clinical practice in Brazil conducting psychotherapy for wide range of sexual dysfunctions and disorders. He has been working in the clinical research field, specifically developing techniques, procedures and measurement instruments for the evaluation of the human sexuality. Born in Brazil, Finotelli is proud to have been one of the presidents of the Brazilian Society of Studies in Human Sexuality (SBRASH). He has clinical and research interests in the following areas: managing compulsive and impulsive sexual behaviors, development of positive factors for sexual pleasure, promotion and awareness of factors of sexual health and rights. In addition to his clinical and research interests, he is the current Secretary General/Treasurer of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

Pronouns: they/them, he/him


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