Jennifer J. Connor, PhD, LMFT

Associate Professor, Clinic DIrector, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Jennifer J. Connor

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Office Address:
University of Minnesota
180 West Bank Office Bldg
1300 S Second St
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Associate Professor, Clinic DIrector, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

PhD, University of Minnesota


Jennifer Jo Connor, PhD, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an associate professor in the Program of Human Sexuality. Her research interests include women’s sexual and reproductive health, such as vulvodynia and infertility. She has conducted research in sexual health in the Minnesota Somali community, including the impact of female genital cutting. Her clinical interests include vulvodynia, infertility, couples therapy, sexual dysfunction, and gender creative and transgender children and adolescents. Connor received her PhD from the University of Minnesota.

Pronouns: she/her/hers



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Girard, A., Connor, J.J., Wooley, S. (in press). An exploratory study of the role of infidelity typologies in predicting attachment anxiety and avoidance. Submitted to Journal of Marital & Family Therapy, January 29, 2018.

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Connor JJ, Hunt S, Ciesinski A, Finsaas M, Ahmed A, Robinson B. From Somalia to the U.S.: shifts in belief about gender roles amongst Somali female refugees. J Fem Fam Ther. 2016;28(1):1-29.

Connor JJ, Hunt S, Finsaas M, Ciesinski A, Ahmed A, Robinson BB. Sexual health care, sexual behaviors and functioning, and female genital cutting: perspectives from Somali women living in the United States. J Sex Res. 2016;53(3):346-59.