Abuse Recovery

Anne therapyThis program provides services for men and women who have had physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in their past. The goal of the program is to address the effects the abuse has on you and/or your partner. Our philosophy is that people who have been abused have experienced what it is like to be powerless; we structure therapy as a place where you can reclaim your power.

How to Get Started

When you call us, our office staff will listen to your needs and match you with a therapist specializing in the treatment of people who have been abused. You will be scheduled for one or two assessment sessions, which will help your therapist learn more about your issues and help you learn more about our program.

What to Expect

The issues you are dealing with may be painful to face. We realize that this can be a very scary and difficult process. We're here to give you support, encouragement, and affirmation in your process of facing and overcoming your history of abuse in order to become stronger and happier in your present day life.

Your therapy will be divided into three specific sections:

  • Examining past abuse
  • Assessing how past abuse is reflected in your current life
  • Defining new directions and goals for your future by learning self-assertion and self-responsibility.