Academic Courses


FMCH 5516 - Research in Human Sexuality

3-6 credits; year 3-4 elective for undergrad students, graduate students, residents
Instructor: Coleman
Description: Clinical and/or experimental research related to human sexuality. This elective is flexible according to the specific interests of the students and faculty and involves ongoing research projects.

FMCH 5555 - Sexual Counseling for Family Physicians

2 credits; prereq medical school completion
Instructor: TBD
Offered twice each year; 1 day seminar
Description: Assessment of and therapy for sexual dysfunction problems that arise in clinical practice of primary care physicians. Required for psychiatry and family medicine residents.

FMCH 5585 - Sexual Problems in Clinical Practice

Credits arranged; open to medical students only
Instructor: Zamboni
Description: Clinical management of sex-related problems.

FMCH 5950 - Clinical Issues in Human Sexuality

3 cr; also offered to graduate students in health sciences, family social science, education, psychology
Instructor: Coleman, staff
Description: Clinical issues, assessment techniques, and treatment techniques pertaining to common sexual problems.

FMCH 5955 - Directed Study in Human Sexuality

1-15 credits; qualified students may register with permission of instructor for work on a tutorial basis as arranged
Instructor: Coleman