Academic Courses

FMCH 7516: Research in Human Sexuality

4 credits; year 3-4 elective for Medical School undergrad students, graduate students, residents
Instructor: Michael Ross, MD, PhD, MPH
Description: This elective consists of clinical and/or laboratory research related to human sexuality, and is adaptable to the specific interests of the student and faculty. It involves ongoing research projects in areas such as gender dysphoria, compulsive sexual behavior, sex offenses, and sexual dysfunction. This course will demonstrate the need for research in sex-related areas.

FMCH 7527: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health

2 credits; year 3-4 elective for Medical School undergrad students, graduate students, residents
Instructor: Carrie Link, MD, Michael Ross, MD, PhD, MPH
Description: In this course, students will gain an understanding of the health risks experience by LGBT individuals and will practice assessing sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual health, and discussing specific health concerns and treatment options in order to become comfortable working with this population. Students will also hear from LGBT individuals themselves about their healthcare experiences and how they wisht to be treated. In addition, physicians who are LGB and/or transgender will talk about managing their professional and personal identities, as well as being "out" in the community and identifying as an LGBT-friendly healthcare provider.

FMCH 7585: Sexual Problems in Clinical Practice

Credits arranged
Instructor: Jamie Feldman, MD, PhD
Description: This course requires a minimum commitment of 40 hours per week (some evening time possible) over a 2 week period. Students will have the opportunity for observation through shadowing sexual health clinicians, including physicians, sex therapists and others.  Students will observe and have limited participation in sex-related education and counseling through participation in intake and assessment sequences, observations of individual and conjoint sessions and group sex therapy, as well as medical evaluations and follow up visits.

FMCH 5950: Clinical Issues in Human Sexuality

Course currently on hiatus

3 cr; also offered to graduate students in health sciences, family social science, education, psychology
Instructor: TBD
Description: Clinical issues, assessment techniques, and treatment techniques pertaining to common sexual problems.

FMCH 5555: Sexual Counseling for Family Physicians

Course currently on hiatus

2 credits; prereq medical school completion
Instructor: TBD
Offered twice each year; 1 day seminar
Description: Assessment of and therapy for sexual dysfunction problems that arise in clinical practice of primary care physicians. Required for psychiatry and family medicine residents.

FMCH 5955: Directed Study in Human Sexuality

1-15 credits; qualified students may register with permission of instructor for work on a tutorial basis as arranged
Instructor: Coleman