Community Education

One of our primary goals is to provide scientifically-sound information to the public in an accessible format to translate sexual and gender health science to the masses. Our scientific findings should not be held captive behind an academic paywall. Our faculty strive to do this through engagement with the community, providing expert commentary to media outlets, or writing for open access. Additionally, we offer a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through Coursera and organize community events.

MOOC: Online Learning

The University of Minnesota Medical School, in collaboration with online learning system Coursera, has developed a free MOOC to help individuals learn more about transgender and gender non-conforming people: What does it mean to identify as Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC)?  This course explores the concept of gender identity for people who are interested in the nature of gender, the process of gender affirmation, or changing social dynamics. Participants will learn the unique challenges faced by individuals within the TGNC population as well as develop the skills to build inclusive spaces in all spheres of their life. This course is ongoing: start at any time!

Watch a sample video from the course, featuring ISGH alum Nova J. Bradford, MSW, below.

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This course was developed under the Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education at the University of Minnesota Medical School.