Postdoctoral Fellow Wins Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award from UMN

Postdoctoral Fellow Wins Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award from UMN


The Program in Human Sexuality (PHS) at the University of Minnesota Medical School is pleased to share the news that postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Nic Rider, won the UMN Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award in 2018 for their outstanding scholarly achievements, growth, and service to the fields of psychology and sexual/gender health. This award was given by the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) of the University of Minnesota after an enthusiastic nomination by PHS faculty, Jennifer Vencill, PhD. 

In 2016, Dr. Rider was selected as the very first Randi and Fred Ettner Postdoctoral Fellow in Transgender Health, an intensive, two year research and clinical fellowship designed to prepare postdoctoral psychology fellows to work as scientist-practitioners in the area of gender health. This fellowship is housed in the Program in Human Sexuality, a specialty unit within the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. PHS is one of the largest clinical research centers specializing in sexual and gender health in the world.

Dr. Rider was selected for their demonstrated scholarly and clinical potential and they have been an excellent inaugural Ettner Fellow, setting a high bar for all subsequent fellows who accept this position.


Prior to accepting the Ettner Fellowship, Dr. Rider was a student Principle Investigator (PI) on a funded project, entitled: “Intersectional Microaggressions and Internalized Misogyny as Predictors of Body Dissatisfaction Among Sexual Minority Women of Color.” Since beginning their work at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Rider was selected as a Study Coordinator for a funded NICHD R21 study, entitled: “Health Needs of Gender NonConforming Youth: A Mixed Methods Study.” In their role on this project, Dr. Rider has been involved in direct data collection, both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and the coauthorship and dissemination of research findings. Dr. Rider continues to write and submit additional grant applications to fund research in the area of sexual and gender minority health. 


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