Bean Robinson Chair in Clinical Sexual Health

Bean Robinson, PhD

An endowed chair in this area will allow a faculty leader to provide exceptional clinical care to individuals, couples, and families. In addition, the chair would advance research to develop best practices and evidence-based clinical approaches to sexual health, with the goal of leading and influencing the community of care around the world. Of particular importance are evidence-based practices for:

• Increasing pleasurable sexual experiences across the lifespan
• Clinical care of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals
• Treatment of compulsive sexual behavior, paraphilia, sexual pain disorders, and sexual desire concerns

Bean Robinson was pleased to lend her name to this chair. In addition, Bean and her partner, Walter Sawicki, have directed a generous donation to this effort. She has a multifaceted and extensive career in clinical sexual health: from HIV research studies in the 1990’s to the many individuals and relationships she has helped through her thoughtful clinical care. Dr. Robinson’s mentorship and work ethic have inspired countless faculty to rise to her standards. Dr. Robinson joined the Institute as a faculty member in 1992. She has served as Associate Director, the Coordinator of our Relationship and Sex Therapy Program (REST), and most recently, as ISGH's Clinic Director.

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Endowed Chair in Clinical Sexual Health